Alejandro Vivanco

Alejandro Vivanco was born in Viña del Mar, and since his early childhood, he developed an interest in music, as his father used to play tenor sax and owned a huge jazz records collection. At the early age of 7 years, he used to spend many hours in front of the stereo. Later, when he became a teenager, he started playing electric guitar in several school bands, influenced by the music of bands like Sonic Youth, Jesus & Mary chain and Pixies, among others. Then In 1993, he, and three friends created the band “Pequeñas Particulas”, a cult band in the underground scene of Valparaiso where he played the bass for 7 years. Meanwhile, around 1996 he started to have an entation, that affinity lead him to start developing a close relationship with machines, and conduced him to create his solo project called Telepong, *(A)*project that had a strong influence from the sounds of Detroit and Acid House.

As he walked the path of electronic music, he got attracted to the emerging Chilean electronic scene and made him take a step ahead to turntables. That pavemented his career as a DJ and in 2001 earned him a residency in “Club La Feria” Chile’s battle horse Club, and where he still plays.

In terms of his music style, he define’s it in simple words as “precise rythms with radical sound contrasts and evolving rich grooves.” In terms of his discography, Alejandro has released in some of the best labels around, and it wouldn’t be fair to mention just a few, so at this time we’ll recommend you visiting his full discography at discogs (link bellow). Alejandro is continuously working on delivering amazing music, so keep an eye on his profile as there are always new releases from his music factory, and certainly they will be available at your closest electronic music vinyl store.


Club´s in UE

Panorama bar,Berlin,Germany
Club der Visionäre,Berlin,Germany
Weekend Club ,Berlin , Germany
DC 10 Circoloco,Ibiza,Spain
La lola,Valladolid,Spain
Unique club,Oviedo,Spain
Rex club,Paris,France
Q club,Zurich,Switzerland
Gaz gallery,Moscow,Russia
Vanilla Ninja,Moscow,Russia
Mendeleev bar,Moscow,Russia
MusicHall ,St. Petersburg,Russia
Kama kama,Camaiore,Italy
Tenax,Lido di Camaiore,Italy
The end Club,London,U.K.
Sosho Retox,London,U.K.
Studio 80,Amsterdam,Netherlands
Club home,Amsterdam,Netherlands
The egg,London,U.K.
Culture box,Copenhagen,Denmark
King club,Livorno,Italy
Gaz golder,Moscow,Russia


Lollapalooza ,Santiago,Chile
Sónar Santiago, Chile
Mysteryland ,Picarquin , Chile
Ultra Festival,Santiago,Chile
Love Parade,Santiago,Chile
Love Parade,Berlin,Germany
Natural Festival,Maitencillo,Chile
Vendimia Electronica,Mendoza,Argentina
Red Festival,Almeria,Spain
Cadenza Night Raum,Barcelona,Spain
Cadenza meets Desolat,Off Sonar Raum,Barcelona,Spain
La Ruta del sol Cadenza,Valparaiso,Chile
La Ruta del sol Cadenza,Asia,Lima,Peru
Take off Festival, off Sonar party,Barcelona,Spain
Earthfest,Picarquin (Chile)



Alejandro Vivanco & Nu zau -Carambolo ep – Movida records 12” Germany
Alejandro Vivanco & Nu zau -Black & space – Fizical records 12” Romania
Luca Simmer – Cristalized vivanco remix – Bla Bla 12” Netherlands


Alexkid & Alejandro Vivanco – Camacho ep – Wrong state 12″ Spain
Alejandro Vivanco – Las piedras de petra – Sound Architecture 12″ Belgium
Mr Deca -Alejandro Vivanco remix- Tzinha Digital Romania


Oshana – Reminisce (Vivanco remix) – Brouqade 12″ Germany
Alejandro Vivanco – Pakapa ep – Aeternum Music 12″ France
Alejandro Vivanco – Want to stay – Lomidhigh choice cuts 12″ Denmark
V/A – DTV 28 EP – Digital Traffik 12″ Italy
Alejandro Vivanco – Soon ra ep – Hourglass 12″ Spain
Alejandro Vivanco – Verustenas ep – Melisma digital Chile
Re-up – Visna ep (Vivanco remix) – Inmotion U.S.A 12″

Alejandro Vivanco – Gua limited 004 – Gua camole music 12″ Germany
Alejandro Vivanco – Energia Roja ep – Fantastic Friends 12″ Switzerland
Jules & Moss – Nex station (Vivanco remix) _ Jett recordings 12″ France
V/A – Elevation 10 years – Elevation Limited 12″ Germany
Alejandro Vivanco & Dorian Chavez – San jose del mar – 8Bit Records 12″ Germany
Monkey brothers – The great opposite (Vivanco remix) – Parallel 12″ Spain
Alejandro Vivanco & Dorian Chavez – Supertition ep – VivaMusic U.k.

Matt Star-Leaving Home (vivanco remix)-Fantastic friend 12″ Switzerland
Bolumar – Rosa mosqueta (Vivanco remix) – Session deluxe 12″ Italy

Melohman & Javi Bora – pachamama (Vivanco remixes) – Fumakilla LTD 12″ Germany
Alejandro Vivanco – La hermandad ep -Leena Music 12″ Germany
Francesco Gemelli – All night (Alejandro Vivanco Remix) – Inmotion Music
Unders – Arabish (Alejandro Vivanco remix) – Sound Architecture 12″ Belgium
V/A – Hand of hits – Opossum Recods 12″ Germany
V/A – 10 Years Fumakilla part 2 – Fumakilla 12″ Germany
Alejandro Vivanco – Haunted ep -Inmotion Music DIgital U.S.A.
Alejandro Vivanco – Do you know me ep -Session deluxe 12″ Germany
Alejandro Vivanco- Melodia ep -Sound architecture 12″ Belgium
Gary Beck – Shallow birds (Vivanco remix) – Titbit music 12″ Italy
Alejandro Vivanco – Foundation ep -Opossum records 12″ Germany

Nachtstring,International Freakshow,DE
V.A.,Ayahuasca sky,Sound Architecture,NL
La gorgona,Alejandro Vivanco remix,Numbolic,(12″) CH
Spring009,Wamato Alejandro Vivanco remix, Globox (12″) IT

Garbo-I love mary chain(Vivanco remix)-Mylittledog,(12″) ES.
Alejandro Vivanco-Rojo pomodoro-Andes music 03 (12″),CL

A.Vivanco , Las velas remixes, Kahlwild GER. (12″)
Alejandro vivanco,Madre tierra ep ,Cadenza records (12″) GER.
Molder ,Return with a shubbery /A.Vivanco rmx, Galaktika Records (12″) ES.
Missing transmission,Respirar ep,MIS records (12″) Denmark

A.Vivanco – maximizado e.p. Kahlwild04 GER (12″)
A.Vivanco – Maison doree e.p. Kahlwild06 GER (12″)
Alejandro Vivanco – terapia e.p. DUMB UNIT ,GER.(12″)

Alejandro Vivanco,Inesperado E.P., Eukahouse,U.K. (12”)
A.Vivanco Las velas E.P., Kahlwild, Germany (12”)

Alejandro Vivanco ,Temprano E.P., Eukahouse, U.K. (12”)


Tony Mass: In Transit, tema “Kupeta”, Chile (CD)
Love Parade, Chile (CD)
Ballantines, Chile (CD)
Cocoon Ibiza Green & Blue cdmix Villalobos & Loco Dice GER.
Mischwald cdmix Dominik Eulberg GER
Soma Records cdmix Luciano 2006 U.K.
Cdmix Circoloco Ibiza Tania Vulcano,Azuli U.K.
UNDULATION 2 cdmix Audiofly, Saw recordings U.K.
Detached Works [01] Jeremy P Caulfield Dumb-unit CD GER.
Black to the future, Danilo Vigorito CD MIX
Radio slave, Misch Masch compilation, Four music CD MIX GER.
Sven Väth,Eight season,Cocoon Ibiza,Cocoon,GER.
Cadenza contemporary 01,mixed by Luciano CD MIX


Rosselot & Ferrante,Los andes e.p. A.Vivanco remix, Weave music GER.(12″) 2006
Dj Cocoe ,Webale (Alejandro Vivanco remix), Immigrant (12″) 2007
Room 10,Caracol e.p. ,Metroline ltd (12″) 2009
Casarano & Valenzuela,Tia Anita (Vivanco remix),Andes Music,2009
Lineas de nazca,La gorgona (A.Vivanco remix) Numbolic ltd,2009
Lorenzo & Twilo,Spring 2009 “Blue Vinyl”,Globox Limited,2009


La feria,Santiago,Chile
D-edge,Sao paulo,Brazil
Cafe Journal,Viña del mar,Chile
Zapping club,Arica,Chile
Cocoliche,Buenos aires,Argentina
Dorian Grey,Crodoba,Argentina
Lava lounge,Lima,Peru
Club Eve,Santiago,Chile
Club del sol sunshine,Chile
La wuaka,Asia ,LIma,Peru
Vertigo,San jose,Costa rica