HOT BOX, Astelagüel, Ema Remedi, Manglus Remix. – AMA RECORDS
NOBODY HERE (Original Mix), Astelagüel, Ema Remedi, Manglus – GET SLOW GYPSIFLAUTIN (Original Mix), Manglus – ASTELAGÜEL
EL DIA DESPUES DE AYER (Original Mix), Astelagüel, Ema Remedi, Manglus. – ASTELAGÜEL YA TA PO (Original Mix), Manglus – DRUMMA RECORDS
EL VISIONERO (Original Mix) Astelagüel, Ema Remedi, Manglus – ASTELAGÜEL
EL VISIONERO (Franco Cinelli Remix) Ema Remedi, Manglus, Franco Cinelli – ASTELAGÜEL CRISPY OTOÑO (Original Mix) Manglus – ASTELAGÜEL
HI AGAIN (Original Mix). Astelagüel, Ema Remedi, Manglus – ASTELAGÜEL
OVER THE FOI BOCHEN (Original Mix) Astelagüel, Ema Remedi, Manglus – RAW TRAX VENGO DEL SUR (Original Mix) Manglus – OLGA
EL BARRIO (Original Mix) Manglus, Guillermo de Caminos – CACHAI MUSIC
ENTRE PYP (Original Mix) Manglus – SAVOR

Manglus (aka Pichiflautin), born to a Romanian father and a Uruguayan mother, is an artist who has made the djing and electronic music production a way of life. In the past decade he’s been traveling from America to Europe and back, always following the sun. Since the age of 18, he hass been djing and spending time in Dublin, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Punta del Este.
His style has been growing between minimal house and dub techno, always holding on to his peculiar groove and hypnotic textures. He has shared the booth with some of the most influencing artists, such as Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Sonja Moonear, Fumiya Tanaka, Sven Väth, Raresh, Rhadoo, Pedro, Audio Werner, Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford. Nowadays, he is resident at Legends Festival, Punta del Este, and at Gutenpunkt, Buenos Aires. His gipsy life has let him play at some mystic venues: D-Edge (Brazil), Club der Visionaire (Germany), Letus Festival (Japan), Quinto Sol (Berlin), Cocoon (Uruguay), Badaboum (Paris), Wild und Frei (Netherlands).
In the studio he has chosen the analogue sound of machines, played with an experimental approach. His tracks came out through the labels Astelaguel (Uruguay), Drumma (Chile), Piramide Selva (Argentina), Saint & dont music (USA) Ama Records (Germany), Get Slow (Argentina), Olga (Brazil) Perception Dub (Switzerland) Bla Bla Music (Netherlands) and Savor Music (Argentina).